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QuestionHello, I was just wondering how far you are in your pile of mails. I was thinking about mailing you, but that would just leave you with one more mail to answer. :P Answer

Hello! ^^ Things are back to the normal rate now, so feel free to send me an email. :)

enkran said: I just have to say that you really do an amazing job, love! ❤️ I hope you get to continue the ss for a long time! (^ν^)

Aw, thank you so much! That’s really kind. :D














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Closet Child’s Secret Closet

More items from Closet Child that they haven’t advertised online! ^^

Angelic Pretty - TOY PARADEワンピース OP (mint) - 16,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Dollhouse JSK (mint) - 14,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Cosmic JSK (lavender) - 28,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Milky Planet JSK (lavender) - 14,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Cameo Window JSK (wine) - 24,800 yen 

Angelic Pretty - Labyrinth of Rose halter JSK (pink) - 12,500 yen

Alice and the Pirates - Clock Rabbit Salopette (brown) - 16,800 yen

Alice and the Pirates White Rabbit Lop Ear Silk Hat (brown) - 10,800 yen

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Big Usakumya Backpack (black) - 14,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Melty Chocolate KC (pink) - 2,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Musee du Chocolat KC (pink) - 3,000 yen

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Camelia Princess blouse (white) - 7,800 yen (stain on frill collar)

MILK - Horoscope Dress (monotone) - 22,800 yen

MILK - Ice-cream Dress (white) - 19,800 yen

Alice and the Pirates - Pirate Alice print JSK II (ivory) - 5,800 yen

Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Horoscope skirt (black) - price unknown

Angelic Pretty - Jewelry Jelly JSK (lavender) - 7,800 yen

To order (if still available) simply email

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QuestionHow and when did you start working as an SS? Like, what started it all? What's your favorite thing about being one? And what's the hardest? I am always really fascinated by people like you and Chibi Tenshi, as you both help secure the dream pieces of so many lolitas. Answer

I started approximately one year ago, and I kind of got into it by accident. I was actually planning to leave Japan last year, but I was taking a couple of months off before I left. To make a little extra change on the side I offered to do a shopping service. Things just took off from there and I’m still here. :D

My favourite thing about it is getting to be my own boss and the freedom that comes with it. The other best part is when I manage to get something that someone really wanted and have been searching for for ages. It’s like a long-term treasure hunt and is really gratifying to see people happy.

One of the hardest things is probably the time it takes. The actual shopping is only a fraction of the time. What takes the most time is all the paperwork, shipping and admin. I also can’t take a full day off without possibly missing something for an order too, so yeah, time I guess - that and the moments of sheer panic when I don’t know if I’ve messed something up. xD That’s when accurate records and organization help a ton. You should see my excel spreadsheets. They’re like the patchwork quilt of a crazy person. I’m hiring a friend part-time soon though so that should improve both service quality and my time! :D

It’s a lot of fun and I love having the opportunity to do it. It’s the sole reason I decided to stay in Japan because I can’t imagine having a better job. I’d definitely only recommend it to those who are willing to commit though. Being a one-person service means you can’t drop the ball. I probably won’t be able to do it forever (depends on visa stuff), but for now I love it. <3

Hello all! I’m just passing on the message. The lovely misshamiltonswardrobe has put this OP up for sale and is looking for anyone interested. ^^  It’s brand new, and just to add my own two cents - this series is stunning! The pictures don’t do it justice. It has silver thread woven throughout and sparkles ever so slightly while still being elegant and understated. I should know, I drooled over every colourway and shape while it was out, and even bought one for myself.



Hello lovelies ~ Today I have for sale my BRAND NEW Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Ave Maria OP in Ivory! Never even taken out of its package…For TRADES, I am open to ANYTHING! Show me what you have. Also interested in the Ave Maria Light Green skirt. For SALE, make me an offer, I am willing to accept payment plans and will look at *any* offer! Send me a message here on Tumblr if you or someone you know is interested.

Hey everyone! The shopping service is back in business, but things will be very slow for the first week or two due to a great, big backlog of inquiries (over 60 inquiries to sort through - thank you!). I’ll do my best to get through things as fast as possible and respond to your messages. Thanks for understanding!

Coco was kind enough to write a detailed review on the service after I went to a book signing for her -

Thank you so much! (^___^)You can also check out her cute tumblr here!

Hello everyone, and sorry to do this, but due to an overwhelming amount of current orders still being worked through, Tokyo Pirates shopping service’s hiatus will be extended until the 22nd August. Please bear in mind that I cannot always answer emails during the hiatus and any orders/inquiries you wish to make should be saved until after the hiatus date is over. If you send an email/message during hiatus, you may not receive a response unless your order/inquiry is sent again after hiatus (to prevent backlog). I apologize in advance for the inconvenience!

Thanks to everyone who has been inquiring about the Ma*rs items. It’s much appreciated even if no one buys. ^^

To those interested in lolita, I’ve put up some more things for sale, so feel free to check them out!

pimikochu said: That’s awful! Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience (especially around the Christmas holidays) ╥﹏╥

Aw, thanks. :) It’s just money though and I’m well over it (although the Batman part of me may have slightly vowed revenge…mwahaha!) It means I learned a good lesson though, so I’m not unhappy about it now. (^_^)