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The winner was selected by tallying up the number of people who had entered and using a random number generator to keep things fair. It came out as lucky number 7, so pengupooh, you are the winner. Congratulations! I’ll message you so that you can collect your prize.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I have already found several things on people’s wishlists, so hopefully Collectstor will continue to be a useful tool for everyone. They’ve added a new ‘wishlist’ category now too due to demand. (^_^)


From 1st - 13th August, the Tokyo Pirates shopping service will be on hiatus. The cut off date for new orders will be the 28th July. Replies may also be a little slow for the next few days due to a slight overload. Service will be resumed as normal after the 13th.

Current orders will continue to be processed as usual, so please don’t worry if you have an event that occurs during that time or if you have a package that is still to arrive and be shipped. They will still be processed. Exceptions may also be made for lolita reserves or releases. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi! I wanted to ask you some questions if that is okay~ 1. How often do you wear lolita? 2. Favourite dress/skirt you own? 3. Favourite lolita store? 4. How often do you usually go on in-store assignments? 5. Do you usually go to the same store locations for releases? 6. Do you have any pets/want any pets? 7. Favourite thing to do on your days off? 8. Anything funny/strange ever happen at a store whilst you were there? 9. Do you love your job?~ Sorry if I am annoying :) ~ Answer

Hello! Haha, not at all. Thanks for the questions. I’ll do my best to answer! :D

1. Maybe 1-2 times a week. Mostly I just wear it on special occasions or when shopping. The rest of the time I’m more casual.

2. Alice and the Pirates Sentimental Circus JSK in black (the gold detailing is gorgeous)

3. Alice and the Pirates

4. It depends on the week. Sometimes only once, sometimes 3-4 times. It completely depends on the customers’ orders and whether they request it be bought online or in-store.

5. Yes, I usually go to Harajuku or Shinjuku for store releases.

6. I used to have lots of pets throughout my childhood (a dog, a cat, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish). They’ve all passed away, but I’d love a dog again. My dog was the kindest, sweetest-natured animal ever.

7. Erk, I haven’t taken a full day off in a long time, so I’m genuinely not sure anymore. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like going to izakayas (Japanese pubs), sometimes clubbing, sometimes karaoke, sometimes staying in and having a movie night with flatmates. Right now I think what I crave most is going hiking in the mountains and just spending a whole day exploring, relaxing and refreshing. I plan to try in August if I can get all orders done. :D

8. I can’t say anything particularly strange has happened in-store. Maybe one of the more surreal experiences was when I was shopping in the Shinjuku store and a group of tourists walked by. 

Now there are generally two kinds of tourists in lolita stores -

1) Those who are interested in/wear lolita and have come to buy things while they are in Japan. They’re usually by themselves, in couples or small groups.

2) Those who don’t know about lolita and marvel at the window displays, sometimes commenting on what the fashion might be about and how crazy the prices are. They usually come in couples, small groups or families.

Both of these types of tourists are pretty inconspicuous. They come, they look, they shop, etc., which of course is great.

This group was a different experience. You know how you tend to see a lot of Japanese people abroad in giant bus tour groups? You’re suddenly engulfed by a sea of people taking photos and shouting excitedly about the shape of a perfectly ordinary (to you) building. They move as one mind around a designated area and then disappear like smoke back onto the bus after about 10 minutes.

Imagine this, but instead of Japanese, it’s westerners crammed into a narrow corridor between tiny shops - people with cameras the size of their heads and wide eyes following a person with a flag who was loudly saying, “And this is LOWLEETAH. Lowleetah is a special fashion in Japan where they wear doll-like dresses…”

Literally everyone on the floor, who had been going about their business, froze and stared at them.The sales staff were giving each other side glances like, “What the f-?” The customers were glancing guiltily down at the purchases in their hands as if they’d been caught stealing candy.

I guess when you’re shopping/working in a shop, you don’t really consider the fact that you could be a tourist attraction. What had seemed normal one moment, now felt strangely bizarre. The tourists were freely gawking as they walked past as if we were exotic animals in a zoo.

A girl looking at the same accessory stand as me caught my eye after they left (we could hear the tour guide’s voice floating down the corridor) and we both started giggling.

tl:dr Tourists are funny in any country. I made a new friend that day. :P

9. Yes, I love, love, love my job. It’s stressful at times but always worth it. :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionAre Baby's/AatP's OTK "socks" for Midsummer Night Dream, Sister Maria's Humming Birds, Holiday of the Hulim Hulum, Funeral procession of Rose etc actually more like stockings? They seem like a weird shape for socks and I am trying to picture it in my head and decide if I actually want to buy them... Thanks! Answer

I’m not too sure since I don’t own any of these myself and haven’t tried them on. As far as I can tell from the packaging they’re still just overknee and work the same way, but the material is thinner, so I guess you could count them as stockings, yes. (maybe someone else who owns a pair can confirm?)

They’re definitely ‘toeing’ the line (hah!…I’ll show myself out.).

Anonymous Asked
QuestionIf "order" is next to an item in the Angelic Pretty online store, what does that mean? :) Sold out or just on order to get more for sure? Answer

I think I answered you by email already, but for the sake of others who are wondering I’ll answer here too. ^^

As far as I can tell it means they are out of stock in the online store, but they still have stock left in store branches and such. Once it says ‘sold out’ that generally means it is sold out everywhere including the stores. ‘Order’ means they will order it from another store which means domestic shipping takes longer. It also means that by the time you make the order there’s a chance the item is already out of stock when they check for it, but in that case your order will simply be cancelled.

I noticed during the Fairy Marine Chiffon release it was ‘sold out’ several times and then changed to ‘order’ a couple days later. This is because they still had plenty left in store branches so they were able to transfer them to the online store if required. :)

Anonymous Asked
Questionare you fully booked for Rose Funeral? u_u Answer

Not in the least. Please feel free to email. :)


Cameo Window Series by Angelic Pretty

My slots are full for this one, but damn it’s beautiful.

keytarist Asked
QuestionIs it possible to send a message to a seller on a Japanese auction site about a listing of theirs that ended with no bids to ask if they can re-list it? Or would it be rude to ask? >< Answer

I think if it’s asked politely it should be okay. :) Every seller is different. I’ve done this for customers before and some sellers replied to me, some ignored me. As far as I know though, the only way to contact a seller after the listing has ended is through asking on another listing. If they don’t have any other listings up I don’t think it’s possible to contact them.

If anyone missed out on the fairy marine chiffon OP re-release today and you want one, let me know at contact@tokyopirates.com. I can still get all colours excluding sax which is sold out everywhere. They’re selling fast, so don’t wait long!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDo you ever visit the Bodyline store? If you do, do you see any lolita customers? Or is it mostly people in plain clothes or other types of street fashion? Answer

I visit only very occasionally. Usually, it’s plain-clothed people, tourists or cosplayers, but I’ve seen the occasional lolita there too, usually for wigs or shoes.